Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Directing My Dreams.

Now that I have started to remember more and more dreams and I have been having more vivid dreams, I am now working on directing my dreams. Since I cannot fully control my dreams my goal for now is to direct them. What I mean by this, is while meditating before I fall asleep, I focus on a subject that I would like to dream about. For example, before I fall asleep I keep thinking to myself that I want to be on a beach and direct all my thoughts towards being on a beach. That night I had a very vivid dream of me being on the beach. In the dream I was with my friends on the beach for spring break. This is the only night it has worked thus far. This is much like if you watch a movie that you got really into right before bed and before you fell asleep you were just thinking about that movie, and then later that night have a dream that has something to do with that movie. This is my next step I am really focusing on these next few nights.

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