Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Time is It?

So as I said before in my other post, I am doing reality checks throughout my day to make it a habit for me. The other night I had finally did another reality check in a dream and it worked!! In the middle of my dream it occurred to me that this might not be real and I might be actually dreaming. So I tried to remember how I got to the place I was currently at and I was really confused and couldn't figure it out. I then took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. The time on my phone said it was 67:02. Now obviously this isn't possible not even in military time. So at that moment I was able to realize I was in fact in my dream. I then took the time to look around and see how much things are out of place in my dream and it became very obvious I had to be in a dream. It was such a crazy feeling to actually be inside of my dream and know that everything I am seeing at this very moment was not real. All I am seeing is a world created by my subconscious. But even though everything was out of place, it felt so real. I had to a few checks after that just to convince myself that I am really dreaming. Unfortunately I woke up before I could really test how much I could manipulate in my dream now that I know I'm dreaming. I am now even more excited to find out if I can learn how to have a lucid dream.

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