Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reality Checks

Their are many techniques I have been practicing these few weeks and one of those is "reality checks". Though out my day I have to keep asking myself if I am dreaming or am I awake? If I ever find myself in a place that I have never been to or see something that seems odd or out of place I give myself a reality check. I first think about how did I get to this location. In a dream you always just appear in a location and never think how did I get to this location. The point of this is if I make reality checks a habit I will also do these in my dreams. In theory this is suppose to work. I actually had a dream where I actually did a reality check but I was still convinced I was awake. This was my first real opportunity to have a lucid dream, but since I couldn't convince myself I was in a dream I failed. This is discouraging and encouraging at the same time. It is discouraging mainly because I missed my first shot at it but its encouraging because it is starting to become a habit for me. The first step to becoming lucid in a dream, is to first recognize that you are in fact in a dream. So I hope I will do it again soon and will be able to recognize that I am in fact in a dream. This is also starting to change my attitude about lucid dreaming. Like I said before I really doubted that lucid dreaming is possible when I started this project. Now I am seriously thinking this could in fact be possible. Every thing I have been doing has been working the way the experts have said it would. I just feel like I am getting very close to having my first lucid dream!

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