Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is this Real or Fake

Now that I am starting to remember dreams better and better, my dreams are also becoming more and more vivid. This is really cool that Im make progress in that area but the only problem is some of these dreams are starting to feel almost too real. For example after a night of hanging out with a bunch of my friends, I had a dream about us hanging out and two of my friends got in a fight in my dream. It was a very vivid dream and when I woke up and tried to write down my dream in my journal but I couldn't remember if that fight really did happen or was that might dream. I have had a few other dreams that I had to look up in my journal to make sure that it happened in my dream and not in real life a few days later. It is kind of messing with my mind a little bit but this excites me because I feel like I am really getting close to my first lucid dream!

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